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'Sherlock Holmes' Series Headed for CBS

Sep 13, 2011 | 3:39pm EDT

ALTThe latest Sherlock Holmes update to hit the big screen didn't do too badly (nor, presumably, will its sequel, A Game of Shadows, this December), so why not give a modern version a chance on TV? "Done!" says CBS.

The in-development series -- described, just a tad vaguely, as a modern take on the Arthur Conan Doyle-created detective series -- is being written by Rob Doherty, who will produce along with Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

No word on who will play the title pipe-smoker, but if Robert Downey Jr. can do so successfully in the movie reboots, can anyone be out of the question? Maybe Ricky Gervais? At least he's British!

Source: Deadline

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