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HBO Aims High With Teaser Trailer for Dustin Hoffman's 'Luck'

Sep 26, 2011 | 9:15am EDT

I've been a bit wary of calling this era of television The Golden Age, though there seems to be a widespread consensus. I may, however, cross over to the Golden Agers side of the fence because not only has Dustin Hoffman joined a new HBO series, but from the looks of its trailer, he's joined a winner. Luck takes us inside the underhanded world of the racetrack, adding a robust crime drama to HBO's already crime-heavy lineup. I certainly wasn't aware of the corruption surrounding a pack of horses racing for the finish line -- I thought it was just a bunch of old dudes with wives donning absurdly large hats betting on horses -- but if this series is any indication, it's a terrifying, exhilerating world of crime, deceit, and underhanded tricks. Hoffman plays a crime boss fresh out of prison with a giant chip on his shoulder and Nick Nolte and Dennis Farina co-star. Oh, and Michael Mann is directing, no biggie. So far, this looks like a recipe for success.

Source: EW

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