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Elmo Teaches Kids About Accepting Redheads on 'Conan'

Oct 12, 2011 | 7:19am EDT

I'm not sure why the trend of bullying kids with red hair ever began, but I write about television, so I'm going to go ahead an blame a South Park episode called "Ginger Kids." You know, the one in which Cartman explains the effect of "gingervitus": "ginger kids have no soul." Sure, blaming this issue on a measly old cartoon episode is probably a gross inaccuracy, but it's all I've got. The affect is: bullying. That's why famous red-haired comedian Conan O'Brien has the solution: a PSA from the most famous redhead of them all, Elmo. It's just too bad even Elmo couldn't do much to prevent kids from being completely terrified at the sight of Conan.

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