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First Images of Katie Holmes' Slutty Pumpkin on 'HIMYM' Emerge

Oct 14, 2011 | 6:00am EDT

Onward with the parade of Ted Mosby's past flames. We saw Victoria's return and now it's time to see the infamous Slutty Pumpkin. On the Oct. 31 episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted will finally meet Naomi (Katie Holmes), the woman he met on a rooftop back in Season One and who Ted has harbored curiosity for ever since. Well, we were a bit curious ourselves, but now we can see Holmes in her full slutty pumpkin glory -- which honestly doesn't seem to be all that slutty. As TVLine points out, the episode is called "Perfect on Paper" which is a good indication that Holmes isn't the mother. Of course, the fact that Holmes is the actress playing the woman in the orange suit is probably a good indication -- she wouldn't condescend to accept a serious role on a Monday night sitcom after marrying in to Hollywood royalty. Let's be real, here.

Check out these photos and let's place bets on the douchey name Barney gives that revealing little getup of his.

Kaite Holmes HIMYM

Kaite Holmes HIMYM

Source: TVLine

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