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Conan O'Brien Will Perform a Gay Marriage Ceremony on 'Conan'

Oct 28, 2011 | 7:58am EDT

Conan O'BrienNext week, when Conan O'Brien takes his show to New York for five days, he'll take one of those days to officiate a gay marriage ceremony. But this one isn't for laughs and it will, in fact, be a real ceremony. One of Conan's staffers and his partner will be tying the knot, and thanks to the recent passing of the gay marriage law in New York, the marriage will be a legal one. O'Brien couldn't perform such a feat at his Burbank, Calif. set because -- as you may remember -- California voted down the right for same sex marriage when the state passed the infamous Proposition 8.

While Conan is known for making fun of absolutely everything, Vulture's sources said this will be no joke. In fact, it's seems more likely that the staffer is taking the opportunity to get married in a state where it's actually legal. Though, if you look at the history of real wedding on television, you can't deny they're a bit of a ratings boon, so I'm sure that helped grease the wheels on this decision.

There is not yet an official date for the ceremony, but we do know it will take place one night next week on TBS' Conan.

Source: Vulture

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