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Sneak Peek: Common Shows His Acting Chops on AMC's 'Hell on Wheels'

Nov 01, 2011 | 12:27pm EDT

Hell on Wheels is the next series from a beacon of quality television programming: AMC. The only thing is, it doesn't seem to be as much of a slam dunk as things like Mad Men or Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead. Then again, did any of us see those successes coming? I'm sure we had our doubts before we saw the series' offerings. We can now take a look at the pilot for Hell On Wheels, set to premiere Sunday, Nov. 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. And it seems that the series may just be the killer we've come to expect from the network where "Story Matters."

The post Civil War Era show stars Anson Mount as a man looking to avenge his wife's death and Common as an emancipated slave, striving to acheive true freedom in the midst of staunch racism. Colm Meaney also stars. Take a look for yourself.

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