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Ricky Gervais Will Actually Be Back to Host The Golden Globes

Nov 16, 2011 | 12:04pm EST

Ricky Gervais GrowlingI think we all thought the Hollywood Foreign Press Asssociation (HFPA) would never agree to let Ricky Gervais back to host the Golden Globes after his pointed jokes during last year's ceremony ruffled so many feathers. Yet, he came around to the idea, NBC repeatedly expressed their hope to have him back and then the possibility of his return went to a vote among HFPA members. After a gruelling vote which divided the HFPA, Gervais has been voted back in. He shall return to point out the terrible decisions of various wildly wealthy Hollywood celebrities yet again.

The notion that Gervais would be back sparked a mini-debate here in our offices, which I'm going to assume is a less-serious version of the split within the HFPA:

Gervais is too mean. He's always been mean...consistently...for years. But he made fun of Johnny Depp; you love Johnny Depp. I made fun of Johnny Depp for agreeing to make The Tourist. Plus, Depp can't be all that hurt, he went on Gervais' new show. But the Globes are Hollywood's party, they shouldn't have to be made fun of. You'd think with all those millions of dollars they'd learn to be good sports - and this is coming from someone who loves pretty much everyone who was in that ballroom last year.

Whatever your stance on Gervais' jokes, he's heading back. There are just a few more kinks in the contract to iron out, but he's practically locked for the gig and considering that we've managed to talk about this story for a whole year, I don't see HFPA or NBC squandering that accidental publicity campaign.

The Globes will air Jan. 15 on NBC and I can almost guarantee Gervais will make some biting quip about Ryan Gosling's dog being a publicity stunt and Gosling will laugh because he's so laid back and this whole controversy will blow right over. Or Gervais will piss off everyone anew and the whole cycle will start again.

Source: Showblitz

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