'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Suddenly

Jan 05, 2012 | 8:59pm EST

grey's anatomyS8E9: Welcome back, Grey's Anatomy fans, and let me be the first to say it's been way too long, especially considering the monumental cliffhangers Shonda Rhimes left us with last November. Between Henry's death and Alex and Meredith's ambulance crash, it's amazing there are still tissues left in my apartment. Seriously. So, where do our beloved doctors go from here and how are they handling the incessant drama that keeps coming their way? Tonight we finally got some answers.

As a severe car crash preoccupies most of the doctors at Seattle Grace, Teddy -- still unaware of Henry's death -- calls on poor Cristina to help her with a patient. Meanwhile, Lexie is forced to work alongside Mark's new girlfriend, during a much too graphic eye surgery. And don't even get me started on the emotion-packed scene after Teddy finally finds out the truth about Henry (spoiler alert: it's really sad). Let me just say, though, that it may be a new year, but the old Grey's is back and better than ever! This episode reminded me of all the reasons I ever loved the show in the first place. Doctors connecting with their patients, having to deal with heart-wrenching situations all for the purpose of saving a human life...even at the risk of ruining a professional and personal friendships. Now, that's the stuff great dramas are made of and this episode had it in spades. Let's just hope they can keep this up throughout the remainder of the season.


"Victims of a sudden impact are some of the hardest to treat." - Meredith

Regarding the ambulance crash, Meredith, Alex, and the infant managed to survive the brutal impact relatively unscathed...the same could not be said about the family who were thrown from the other car. Let's just say it was bad -- and I mean really bad. Like glass shards to the eyeball kind of bad. But being the good doctors that they are, Meredith and Alex attempted to rescue the family, while still taking care of the weak infant all at the same time (talk about multi-tasking). But some of the family member's injuries were just too extensive, which resulted in the eventual death of the mother, the grandmother, and eventually the father, after the eldest daughter, Lily, makes the difficult decision to remove her dad from his life support. And while it's not exactly what you'd call uplifting, it was moving to see how much Meredith was emotionally invested in the family's situation. Not only did she continually fight to keep them alive, but she developed a connection with Lily, who desperately needed someone to lean on. It's the kind of thing Grey's used to pride itself on, so I'm glad to see it's once again resurfaced.


"This is cruel. Her husband is dead and she has no idea." - Bailey

Meanwhile, poor Teddy still has absolutely no idea that her husband is dead and Owen is trying his hardest to keep it that way -- at least until after she's done with her surgery on Callie's old patient. But, of course, the surgery is proving to be a little more complex than Teddy originally expected, so she requests that Cristina join her in the ER now that her operation on Henry is over. And while we all like to think of Cristina as this unfeeling, hardcore surgeon, she does not feel comfortable operating beside Teddy while keeping her husband's death a secret. But she does it anyway in order to not risk the patient's life and just continually tries to steer the conversation away from the topic of Henry and his condition. It was heartbreaking to watch Cristina struggling with the whole thing and although I get why Owen wanted her to do it, part of me resents him for putting her in a position like that - and I think Cristina does too.

As soon as the surgery was completed, however, Cristina pulled Teddy aside to tell her the truth: that Henry did not survive the surgery. And after making Cristina say the words "Henry is dead" out loud to her, Teddy headed straight to the operating room, where Henry's body was being kept, and proceeded to stroke his hair lovingly before breaking down into tears. It's enough to bring even the toughest person to tears and I can't help but wonder how all this is going to affect Teddy's relationship with Owen and Cristina from here on out. I'm thinking things are about to get a little rocky.

"Derek, is that our baby?" - Meredith

But, thankfully, the show did have some happy moments amid all the tragedy. For one, it looks like Bailey and the handsome anesthesiologist, Ben, are about to rekindle their old romance again, which would be absolutely adorable. I've really missed that pairing. And in even bigger news, Meredith and Derek end up getting their baby, Zola, back. I'm not sure what caused this rather surprising turn of events, but the social worker showed up at their door and offered Zola back to them. Whatever the reason, it's nice to get some exciting news for a change. Don't get me wrong, I love the drama, but it's just nice to get a little relief every once in a while, especially after the heavy topics this show's been dealing with lately. Yay for Deredith!

So, what did you think of the mid-season premiere? Did Owen and Cristina do the right thing in keeping Henry's death a secret for so long? How will this effect their relationship with Teddy? Let me know what's on your mind in the comments section below!

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