'Once Upon a Time' Finale Recap: Keep Your Family Close and Your Shadow Closer

May 13, 2013 | 2:10am EDT

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This week’s season finale of Once Upon a Time left us with a lot of answers — but even more questions. Just off the shores of Neverland, Hook realizes just how small these words can be after learning that boy they rescued is non-other than Rumplestilskin’s son. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, all of the fairytale characters are in a panic when Tamara and Greg activate the town-destroying trigger. By the end of the episode two portals are activated, one memory is restored and a shocking twist takes us on a dangerous journey to a new land. Read on for all the mesmerizing details from “And Straight on Til Morning”

Sayonara Storybrooke: The episode opens at a playground and we see that Rumple is currently vying for Grandfather of The Year as he slowly but surely uses magic to cut the string of Henry’s tire swing. However, before the wicked task can be completed Emma arrives to tell Henry to news about Neal while Snow and Charming explain to Rumple that his son is not only missing, but there’s a good chance he’s also dead. Rumple blames himself for bringing magic into this land and is ready to curl up in a ball and die when he learns Badnews #2: The entire town is about to be blown off the map and everyone who was not born in this world will be killed. Yikes!

Right away, Tamara and Greg use the Home Office’s magical information activate the trigger in the dwarves’ mind while a baffled Hook looks on realizing that not only will Rumple die — Hook will too. Tamara snarls, “We’re willing to die for our cause, are you willing to die for yours?” Hook freaks out and decides that he would rather like to save that handsome face of his and he runs over to the Charming’s to help devise a plan: After a sweet goodbye to Henry, Regina is going to use her magic to contain the trigger, while Charming and Hook chase after Tamara and Greg to snatch the last two beans and open up a portal to The Enchanted Forest.

Over in the pawn shop, Rumple receives a surprise gift from Grumpy: the magic potion from The Blue Fairy that will restore Belle’s memory. (Better late than never right?!) At first Rumple doesn’t want to give the potion to Lacey because he doesn’t want to be reunited by his one true love only to be ripped apart again. However, he eventually does the right thing and restores their beloved teacup and has her drink the neon blue potion from it. The two embrace in a passionate kiss and Rumbelle fans everywhere squeal with delight.

After a bullet-filled battle, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (that would be Tamara and Greg) escape again, but Hook manages to snatch one of the magical beans so at least there’s still hope. Down in the mines, Emma learns that in order to hold off the trigger, Regina is actually sacrificing herself in order to save the town from complete and total destruction. “Everyone looks at me as the Evil Queen — including my son. Let me die as Regina.” She tells Emma.

Once again, Snow and Charming are refusing to give up and they suggest that they pull a trick from earlier this season and push the trigger through the magic bean portal in into some far away realm. However when they finally convince Emma that it’s a good plan and the whole group gets their hopes up, we learn that Hook—once again only looking out for himself — actually stole back the bean and is currently aboard the Jolly Roger sailing out of the Stroybrooke harbor.

Once Upon a Time

Just as it looks like Regina is about to pass out from exhaustion, Emma has the epiphany that she too can do magic and with their combined strength, Henry’s two moms stop the trigger and save the town. However before everyone can rejoice they realize that one very important thing is missing: Henry. Greg and Tamara have snatched the boy telling him, “We came here to destroy magic, but then we found something more important, something that changed everything — you.” They toss a bean into the water and Henry’s family is about five seconds two late and they watch the kidnappers take Henry through the portal into an unknown realm.

Hook realizes that he was being a selfish douche and he turns the ship around and returns to shore ready to take part in the new mission Rescue Henry from the crazies. Rumple kisses Belle goodbye and gives her magical instructions for how to cloak Storybrooke from intruders while they’re away. Belle asks why Rumple is leaving her again and he sweetly responds, “The boy is my undoing, but he is also my grandson.” Belle insists that Bae/Neal would be so proud of him and in a flash we see that Neal has washed upon the shores of The Enchanted Forest and our familiar friends Mulan, Aurora and a newly rescued Phillip find him and rush to his aid.

All aboard the Jolly Roger we have Hook and Rumple (who quickly establish a truce) Emma, Regina, Snow and Charming. Hook asks where they need to set sail and Rumple uses his magical globe to reveal their newest adventure: Neverland. Hook tosses a bean into the bay and our main characters brace for impact before disappearing into the swirling vortex.

Pirate Ship Secrets: Captain Hook and Smee are discussing whether or not the boy they found in to water belongs to the mysterious “Him.” Clearly the crew of the Jolly Roger want to please “Him” and ensure their survival in Neverland so Hook goes to have a chat with the boy to fish for a little bit of information. Unfortunately, Hook snags a whale of a coincidence when he realizes that the boy they found is Baelfire — the son of his beloved Milah and archenemy Rumplestilskin. Hook hides his revelation and welcomes Bae aboard the show with a genuine smile and some familiar words: “It’s a pirates life for you!”

It turns out that Bae does belong to “Him” and a frightening crew of Lost Boys raid Hook’s ship in hopes of snatching Bae back. Luckily Hook shows Bae exactly where to hide and they evade the Lost Boys — for now. Hook shows Bae around the ship, teaches him to sail and the two have a kind bonding moment as they both reflect on how much they hate their fathers. Unfortunately this sweet moment doesn’t last for long because Bae finds a drawing of his mother on Hooks desk and realizes the his is the pirate that killed his mother and tore his family apart.

Hook counters with the true story — that the Dark One father actually killed Milah — and tells the boy that he can be the father figure that Bae never had. Bae snarls that he wants to return to his “real family: The Darlings” but since that’s not possible, Hook allows the Lost Boys to snatch Bae off the ship. Once aboard the shores of Neverland, the Lost Boys look at a drawing to see that Bae is not the boy that “He” wants and as a result Bae gets to live.

Upon closer look at the picture, we see that the boy that “He” wants actually Henry and the lead Lost Boy reveals, “It may take time, but Peter Pan never fails.” And with that we realize that “He” is Peter Pan and he’s not the lovable hero that we all know and love — he’s a dark villain with an unknown agenda.

What did you think of the Season Finale of Once Upon a Time? Are you shocked to learn that Peter Pan is actually a villain? Do you think that Neal is going to be all right? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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