'Mad Men' Recap: Chinese Wall

Oct 04, 2010 | 7:30am EDT

S4:E11 Man, has Don taken a beating these last few episodes! Anna in California died, the government almost found out he's not really Don Draper, and his secretary died at her desk! Unfortunately, what happened to Don this episode was nothing that had ever happened before: his world really started to cave in, and it wasn't because Sally moved to the red light district because she could safely masturbate there, as opposed to in Ossining.

The episode started with Peggy spending the day at Jones Beach with Joyce and her great friend Abe, who Peggy told off a few episodes ago for not feeling the same passion about women’s rights as he felt for the civil rights movement. She spent the whole ride back to Manhattan sitting on his lap, and he tried to make up for his previous indecencies by brushing any remaining seawater off her arms. Apparently it was enough of an apology because Peggy brought him back to her apartment in Brooklyn, where they had sex because she doesn’t do that kind of thing, because the people who always do that kind of thing were sick of their current crowd and were looking for pledges.

Ken was having dinner with his family and some ad executive from BBDO came over and apologized. Ken didn’t know what he was apologizing for so he ran after him to ask, and the other ad exec revealed Lucky Strike was leaving SCDP and coming over to his company for their ad needs. Ken immediately left his fiancé to entertain her parents by herself with stories they all already knew, and he immediately went to the hospital, where Pete was waiting for Trudy to have her baby and burn all her maternity nightgowns that made her look like Violet Beauregarde. Ken told him what happened at dinner and they both called Don, who had just come back from a date with Faye. He told them to wake up Burt and to call Roger and to have everyone meet them in the office.

When Roger walked in, Pete, Ken, and Don told him what they’d heard and insisted he call someone at BBDO to confirm it wasn’t true, and they could officially check the “no” box in the “are you leaving me for Chuck Bass?” question on the note that was passed to them in English class. Roger faked making the call by dialing, but then pushing the button down that disconnects a call on a rotary phone that I don’t know the name for because when I asked my grandmother what it was called, she said it was for “cowards.” Anyway, Roger really didn’t call anyone, but had a conversation with himself to make it look like he did, and tried to convince everyone else in the room that Lucky Strike wasn’t leaving SCDP for BBDO, and they should all go back to catching their babies out of their wives and talking with their soon-to-be in laws. However, we saw Roger learn of this loss last episode, and clearly he didn’t do anything to try and fix it…which means Roger is losing his shit and he’s finally acting in alignment with his hair color.

The next morning, Roger called the office and said he was at their office and they made it seem like there was no way they could convince Lucky Strike to stay with SCDP. However, he really just made the call from a hotel or from his house or something. Burt called a meeting and read something to everyone that let them all know that Lucky Strike would no longer be an account at their agency. Peggy walked into the office feeling all invigorated from her rebel sex, only to learn her company had hit an iceberg and she’d have to sit in a lifeboat all by herself, without her rebel.

Roger called Joan from his house or apartment, and told her he had to see her and that he wasn’t in Raleigh trying to fix things with Lucky Strike, like he told Burt he was. He revealed to Joan that he knew about the loss of the account for weeks. Joan was so upset she hung up on him and pulled out a cigarette from the pack and didn't smoke it. She might as well have given it to the walrus that lives under her desk who helps her do everything the men in that office aren't doing or can't do.

Don got a call from Al (from another one of their accounts), who explained they were also taking their account away from SCDP and that it had nothing to do with the agency’s recent loss of Lucky Strike. Don took the Cleo he won for the commercial he did for them and broke it on his desk and told little receptionist Megan to stop him before he had three drinks…but she hadn’t slept with him yet, so she really had no idea what she was supposed to replace his drinking with.

Roger came to Joan’s apartment and tried to have sex with her so he could prove his strike was still lucky, but she wasn’t having it. She told Roger she couldn’t do the “sneaking around and having sex after muggings” thing anymore, and instead of lighting a match to his Lucky Strike, he got nothing more than a hug and maybe one grope upon entrance.

After kissing Faye to make the man buffing the floor shut up, Don asked her which of her other clients at other agencies were upset with their agencies’ performances. Faye said telling him was against her ethics, but Don didn’t understand how anyone would find out she was the one who told him which client was unhappy where they were, and there was no harm in him taking them out to dinner to try and see if SCDP could better serve their needs. Don said he’d do it for her (as if he was asking her to push her on the swing set), and Faye said she’d never ask him to because she knew the difference between what they had and the office. Fieldgoal Faye.

Peggy went in to do the Playtex presentation with lipstick on her teeth, and throughout her entire speech, one of the Playtex executives was running his tongue across his teeth and trying to subtly alert her to her problem. Peggy was totally creeped out about it, and it turns out the illustrator guy (who tried to calm her down by kissing her) had set her up to get her back from calling his penis small or something.

Back in his office, Megan told Don she was getting tired of being his secretary and that she was interested in (one day) doing what Peggy does, and asked if he wouldn’t mind if she helped him with some of his late night work. He allowed her to sit in, but of course they ended up talking about how Megan felt her mother was punishing her when she cleaned the house. They ended up kissing because Megan said something along the lines of “don’t be afraid,” which we’ve now learned is one of the many phrases that twists the little nob in his back a few times and propels him forward like those teeth that jump up and down on their two stupid feet. They had sex. Obviously.

Don went home to his apartment to find Faye waiting there for him to tell him how she set up a meeting with him and the people at Heinz. Don did not tell her he just slept with his secretary, because he had ketchup and beans on the brain.

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