'Nurse Jackie' Recap: No Saints At All Saints

Apr 12, 2011 | 5:27am EDT

S3E3 “Yeah, I’m taking a break from coffee. It makes me buzzy.” – Jackie

The episode began in Jackie and Kevin’s kitchen. It was the morning, and Jackie was already up and dressed and making waffles for her family. Kevin came downstairs, and he was quite pleased to see how Jackie’s “sobriety” resulted in her being so proactive in the morning and caring for her children by making them a wholesome breakfast and for her husband by making him sandwiches from dinner leftovers. It became clear, however, that Jackie isn’t trying to better herself at all because her addiction has actually escalated, and there are two forms of proof to that – one is that now she is in the habit of popping her pills while people’s backs are turned to her, and the other is that instead of just continuing to deny to everyone she has a problem, she is now lying about her efforts to overcome it. And that includes to Aunt Tunie, Kevin's sister.

“Think of it as having them for 33 years longer than you were supposed to.” – Father

Acolitis met with a Father, who explained to her that she was going to have to give all the hospital’s religious statues to him. He said that after a new addition of the hospital was built in 1978, the property was rezoned for commercial purposes. That, in effect, deconsecrated the hospital’s church, and the Father argued that all statues and monuments should have been returned to him when that event took place. Nothing Acolitis said about the statues belonging in the hospital was resonating with the Father, so she tried one last time to convince him to let them be by threatening him with how she knew Michelle Obama. Acolitis did have to part with her monuments, which meant that not even hospitals are sacred anymore (and that includes the people who work tirelessly inside them).

“I’m the guy who helps people bottom out and find their all-time low by supplying them with drugs and then supervising their downward spiral for a hefty price.”

Last season, Jackie saw someone on the street having an epileptic seizure. She stabilized him so he would survive until the paramedics arrived, but took thousands of dollars worth of painkillers out of his pocket. So Jackie was completely surprised to walk into the waiting room and find the guy who’d had a seizure and his drugs stolen, just sitting in a chair. Jackie walked over to him and asked if he’d like to take a walk with her. They went to a coffee shop and the guy explained that his job is to take addicts, help them reach the worst part of their addiction, and then help them get sober. Jackie asked how far away from her lowest point she was, and he told her that she wasn’t even close. He proved it to her by placing a painkiller on a napkin and then sliding it to her. She resisted the urge to take it but she understood that yet another person found out about her addiction. And this time, it was someone who knew she wasn’t actively trying to get rid of it.

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