‘Doctor Who’ Recap: Day of the Moon

May 02, 2011 | 8:00am EDT

S06E02 Aha, now the final questions have set in for this season of Doctor Who! There was a lot that was presented in the first episode that we thought was important that turned out to be a red herring and a lot of stuff we thought to be insignificant turned out to be important. Strange how Doctor Who always does that. That’s probably what makes it the best show on television, no? While we did learn a lot in this episode we didn’t learn everything. It’s important for us to keep focus on what we do know and what we don’t because focusing on things we can’t know won’t draw us closer to any conclusions.

‘Is this really important flirting right now? Because I feel like I should be higher on the list.’ - Amy


Now, one thing that did come into focus for us was River. It’s clear now that the sexual tension that’s been growing between her and the doctor will only continue. I mean, good Time Lord, it was like they were verbally humping when they were back to back like that. You could’ve poured yourself a mighty good cup of Sexual Chemistry Tea from the sparks they were making. There was a fire in her eyes that we haven’t seen yet during the meaty parts of this episode. And then we learn why. With the Doctor’s first kiss, she realizes that was her last, everything we experience after this will be in the middle of their relationship. That fire in her eye drops into a deep sadness and it also frames the previous River’s in a new light going all the way back to her first appearance in "Silence in the Library." In her time line from that moment on in this week’s episode, River knows she is on her last chapter with the Doctor. She doesn’t know how long until her death but she knows it’s coming soon. It’s kind of like when she realized that the moment she first meets the Doctor is also the day she dies. It’s really quite clever of Steven Moffat, telling us the story of River Song in reverse. As we go further and further in our adventures with River, the previous adventures with her are given newer and deeper context and meaning. That clever bastard.

And this episode was even set up from the first time we saw River! Her first appearance? In a space suit with a covered face plate. The name of the episode? "Silence in the Library!" Moffat has been setting this for a long time and watching it unfold before our eyes is a thing of magic. If you were on the fence about River, I think this season will help you make up your mind. Our only problem was we were like the Doctor. We hadn’t traveled far enough in our time line.

Other things we learned this episode was that the girl in the astronaut suit is most definitely Amy’s daughter. It’s worth noting that there is nothing to tell if she grows up to be River (as was suggested in some comment I saw somewhere on the internet), so for now we’ll just assume that she isn’t River. Besides, River looks nothing like Amy. Although with the kid regenerating she could turn into someone who looks like River. Now that is an interesting thought.

‘Where ever she is, she always knows that I am coming for her.’ - Rory


Now onto Amy. Interesting facts about her come to light when she is at her lowest point confessing her soul. She seemingly says to Rory that he was the love of her life despite what he thinks she feels for the Doctor. But the evidence we were given was inconclusive, she still refers to the Doctor as stupid face. So if that was a genuine slip, she is still rather innocent as a character and we can love her unabashedly. But if she was lying to Rory, she’s a bitch for lying to him all this time. Whether you think she’s capable of misleading him like that or not, it is one or the other. After all, the child may be half-Time Lord (or something) though I’m inclined to believe the child would have been affected by all the time traveling (My guess? It has something to do with the dust from the Dream Lord) like she worried. Thus she was telling the truth to Rory and it was a slip up. Although the Doctor’s scanners telling him she is and isn’t pregnant at the same time makes things mighty strange. It’s of no use trying to firmly say what it does mean, however, it does mean that this will definitely (hopefully) be addressed sometime in the future. And with the way Moffat sets things up and then pays them off? It’s going to be a doozy.

‘You’re building me the perfect prison. And it still won’t be enough.’ - The Doctor


Anyway, this was one hell of a convoluted plot for episode, was it not? The Silence (totally whiffed on that not being their name, my bad) can erase the memory of the person starring at them which causes narrative time jumps for the viewer. It was a little confusing but I love Doctor Who for attempting it. It was especially clever how the Doctor managed to nullify The Silence at the end, tying a threat onto the broadcast of the first man on the moon. Terribly clever, as the usual (and yes, I realize I’ve used that word a lot in this review but it does fit the show perfectly). I definitely noticed The Silence were a lot creepier tonight. It doesn’t hurt that they were in an abandoned orphanage with blood writing on the wall telling you to get out (is there a more terrifying cliche than that? I think not). And THEN to make a hive of them sleeping above head? Yeah, that’ll make it creepy. But then their creepiness power was sucked out and dehumanized when they crumpled over shot in the chest by River.

There were a lot of things in this episode I felt unnecessary for the “story” but were added in for the “show” or for “advertising purposes.” Like, The Doctor with a beard. He got over that really quickly and it wasn’t mentioned again. The marks on the skin with River, Rory and Amy. Terribly creepy but barely mentioned. I feel like these were added in to make it easier to “advertise” how creepy and “exciting” the show is going to be. While I have no problems with it, my only concern is that it would get in the way of telling the story. It hasn’t so far, but it is a concern of mine. Another thing: watching Amy and Rory get shot and die (my wager the pen they had around their neck kept them alive. Or Canton had blanks). I swear every character on this show is shown dead at least three times. My only worry is that if they keep doing this, if one of them eventually dies, it won’t effect us nearly as much because we’ll just think there’s a Deus Ex Machina waiting right around the corner for us.

By the way, one of the things that bugs me about the show is River’s gun and the way she holds it. She cradles that thing way too loosely, though she is still quite hot while doing it. But I guess that’s the AMERICA coming out of me, fuck yeah!

As for the next episode (We can talk about that, right? Everyone saw the teaser for the next episode?) it seems the Doctor is going on an adventure before returning to the main stuff from the season. A one and doner, if you will. It looks creepy with the mermaid from hell. I do have a soft spot in my heart for pirates so seeing how the Doctor faces them should be a treat.

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