‘United States Of Tara’ Recap: Chicken ‘n’ Corn

May 17, 2011 | 8:01am EDT

S03E0: Well, that answers that for United States of Tara. And what’s "that?" For starters, we finally figure out who this new alter is and we learn what he wants. Who the alter is turns out to not be that big a surprise; it’s Bryce! But what he wants? That’s a shocker.

You don’t want to spoil your dinner though, do you? We’ll start with the less interesting stuff.

"Fuck your movie. Fuck this fucking plane." - Max

Char needs a break (but really the narrative needed a reason for Tara to be alone with Wheels) so she heads to the spa. And since spas do the absolute worst at relaxing you she starts to freak out about missing her baby and her man and decides to leave. Only this really calm woman tells her to basically chill the fuck out and enjoy a little me time. It was kinda a weird scene, not exactly funny and not dramatic either. One interesting thought though, anyone think that the woman Char talks to could be a figment of her imagination? Because if Tara splits her personality into different people, could Char’s unconscious project someone that tells her to calm down? I could be WAY off on this, but it’s something to think about.

Meanwhile, Max and Marshall are going to NYC for Marshall’s film festival. Turns out Max doesn’t like to fly at all. Unlike Kate, who wants to escape, Max seems quite fine staying exactly where he is even if where he is is filled with crazy people. As the saying goes, when the tough gets going the truth starts spewing out. During some turbulence Max actually says some really hurtful things to Marshall about his dreams, his hopes, the family. Marshall was really right to be upset even though I’m sure Max only halfway meant everything he said. It was an interesting point in their relationship especially since Marshall is so interested in his dad and hasn’t been able to get to the truth that easily. I have a feeling this trip of theirs will pay off.

But their trip also had an alternate purpose! They get to meet Kate’s new BF and as it turns out he chose this time to introduce them to his son, the spawn of Satan. Holy hell, I haven’t seen a problem child like that since, well, Problem Child. I’ve never really seen a better excuse for Ritalin than that kid. I mean, I wanted to punch that little brat right in the face. Actually, no. I wanted to punch the father for not manning up and teaching that little brat some lessons. And of course, it rightfully freaks Kate out. It would be really hard for them to continue their relationship and it seems like that kid is the perfect excuse for her to get out.

"I don't need him to love you, I need him to think you're not a monkey's asshole." - Kate

Now we got the good stuff! Hattaras is really MIA since his star patient up and Ben Franklined himself. However, once Alice shows him that Tara’s condition is now causing her to cut herself he can’t help himself and goes to see how she is. He finds her alone with the baby. He makes the stupid mistake of allowing her to get out of his sight and before he can stop her she transitions to Bryce and he bolts with the baby. Tara then wakes up with the crying child on a bus to somewhere. Now obviously Tara’s condition is horrible but we’ve never actually seen it cause such a potentially horrifying disaster like that before. I mean taking a baby on a bus is some really scary shit. Needless to say, shit got real.

So, Hattaras wants to know what is happening. Earlier during a day out to the corn maize (see what I, and every other corn maze out there, did there?) Tara gets terrified and transitions to Chicken. When she is found, Chicken is terrified that someone is after her. Hattaras makes the rookie mistake of taking her back there at night (has he not seen any horror movies??) where Tara hears Chicken off in the dark. She runs to investigate and leave Hattaras in the dust. When he finds her in the shed crying over a ripped toy rabbit, Bryce comes out and let’s his plan be known.

"Yet another Tara somebody." - Dr. Hattaras

He’s going to kill Tara.

Oh snap! Now this basically confirms my suspicion. Bryce is definitely the personification of DID and how it is basically killing Tara. Hattaras, too his scientific curiosity credit and to his personal ethical idiocy credit, remains calm and keeps talking to him. He of course wants to find out more about this new alter and what it is doing to Tara but its obviously dangerous.

BOOM. Just like that we’re off into the crazy stuff. From here on out things are going to get crazy and dark. I mean, they’ve already killed off one alter. No one is safe. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

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