‘Weeds’ Recap: Bags

Jun 28, 2011 | 6:57am EDT

S07E01: Weeds is back! Yay? Well, for the most part, yay; not so much for the other part. They’re reinventing themselves again? How many facelifts has this show had? In seven seasons they’ve switched styles something like five times and the seventh season brings about another one. However, as last year showed, a reinvention isn’t always a bad thing and from the looks of this first episode, this season should be fairly good.

We start off with a time jump -- three years to be exact. Nancy has been in jail while the rest of the crew has been shipped off to Copenhagen. Actually, it's not the whole brood; she shipped Stevie off to live with her sister. Normally, I’m not a fan of time jumps like this. Take for instance this week’s True Blood, which used a bad time jump simply to stir up the plot and act as an easy excuse for exposition dialogue. But Weeds' time jump just feels right. It gives all the characters a needed break after they had basically been on the run for a year and it forces Nancy to stop being such a catalyst for destruction. She has time to reflect and the rest of the family is able to relax somewhat.

"The ass and the eye?" - Nancy

So, what’s the rest of the family been up to while Nancy’s in jail? Andy has become a local personality, leading tourists on tours around the city. Silas has been putting his body to use and become some sort of model for a flavored water or something. Not a bad gig. Shane, the amazing Shane, has started shacking up with his marionette partner who only wants him for his sperm. Shane is the best, even with a faux hawk and sideburns. And Doug is just being Doug -- smoking at any opportunity. Go Doug!

But we gotta kick things somehow and it starts when Nancy is released into a halfway home. Apparently she's reached a deal with the FBI and she thought when she was released that she would go into witness protection, but that deal is nullified. Why? Well, it turns out Reyes died in prison (CONVENIENT!) and the cartel disbanded, so she has no one to run from. The halfway house is in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan, which means she’s a little out of her element and when she meets the counselor (the black nerdy guy from Malcolm in the Middle) she manipulates him into letting her out for a couple of hours. Nancy is a master manipulator whether she realizes it or not. It’s a wonderful character trait, though it does tend to make her annoying at times. I have a feeling she’ll be putting it to the test this season.

How? Well it turns out her cellmate has a contact on the outside and they’ve formed a plan for Nancy. Also -- and this is really important and should be noted -- Nancy apparently became lovers with her female cellmate. AWESOME. Said cellmate gives Nancy some oven mitts, which Nancy uses in a sauna to find a key, which in turn opens the trunk of a beat-up car. And in the car is a suitcase full of weapons. It seems the little suburban pot dealer just upgraded to gun-running. Awesome.

"I don’t take orders from my sister. Isn’t enough I’m raising her child?" - Jill

Meanwhile, over in Copenhagen, Shane prepares to head back to America to find Nancy. Nancy’s sister tells them that Nancy is out and this immediately sets Shane off on a mission. He gets a ticket for Andy and Doug as well but leaves Silas out of it. His reason is that Silas is doing well enough on his own and doesn’t really want to come back. Silas doesn’t exactly looked pleased with it, but he stays in Copenhagen all the same. I really hope they don’t keep Silas overseas for too long because the show is always weaker when the family is separated. Remember when Celia was off with the revolutionary army and how weak that storyline was? Yeah, Silas better head back home soon.

Overall, this wasn’t a terrible episode. It effectively got us up to speed on all the characters and set the season in motion. My only real complaint is that I wish more stuff happened. As the episode ended, my only thought was “That’s it? That’s all we get?” But I guess its a good sign when I don’t realize half an hour has passed. Weeds looks like it is going to keep the momentum going from last year and I for one think the season might be a bit explosive. Awesome.

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