'Jersey Shore' Recap: Deena Propositions Pauly

Oct 13, 2011 | 5:37pm EDT

jersey shoreUsually on Jersey Shore, it takes about 20 or 30 minutes for a problem to develop among the roommates. Usually, we watch a bunch of scenes where they are cuddling with their comforters, picking cheese off of garlic bread that they melted cheese on to, and buzzing people into the house before we have to watch them lash out at each other. But not tonight! Tonight we got immediate conflict! Tonight, we got, "oh hey! Thanks for watching Jersey Shore! This is the second to last episode, and your reward for sticking around this long is the problem of Deena wanting to have sex with Pauly, but Pauly not wanting to have sex with Deena. Happy watching! You are welcome for such an amazing gift!" That is really how it happened.

It all started when Deena learned Vinny and Snooki really had sex together, and this got Deena about how much sex she's not having and so she remembered how she'd always wanted to have sex with Pauly, and that's when she started pursuing him and offering up herself like a freshly dead venison. But Pauly was so not into it that he made his nose bleed so there would always be a barrier of a tissue between the two of them.

Did Deena get to sleep with Pauly? Check back tomorrow to read the full recap!

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