My Fashion Week: Aimee Blaut Of The Formula Blog

Fashion Week may seem like a glamorous whirlwind of amazingness. From sitting front row at the shows, to getting to rub elbows with Anna Wintour (if you’re lucky), to all the fabulous, awesome parties that all the cool kids are at, it’s what outsiders consider the absolute coolest week ever in the lives of fashion people. 

It’s a no sleeping, no eating, no-holds-bar week

The truth is: Fashion Week is a no sleep, no eat, no-holds-bar week (or month) of constantly running around, pushing your way through crowds, dodging traffic, and go, go, going, gone. In other words, it’s a lot of work. And those that are in the trenches can vouch that it’s probably the hardest they work all year long. 

We caught up with Swedish blogger  Aimee Blaut of The Formula to see what New York Fashion Week is really like for her. Between shooting backstage beauty for Harper’s Bazaar, getting a facial at Erno Laszlo, or interviewing and shooting Poppy King for her website, Aimee’s week was anything but relaxed. 

So, still think Fashion Week is all that?