The Cat’s out of the Bag!

We’re pretty sure that if we check the Chinese Zodiac, it would be the Year of the Cat. From Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) to Catbird’s Tiny Kitten Ring, the feline-theme seems to be clawing it’s way to mass hysteria.

While there are plenty of kitschy cat products on the market – phone cases, leggings, and even sleeping masks — our favorite are the cat-in-the-hat and headbands. Despite it being super odd, the trend is even littering the red carpet with stars including Nicole Richie and Rita Ora pulling of the perky-eared look at major fashion events. And we get it: they are a purr-fect mix of whimsical and — dare we say it — sexy?

If a full-blown set of pointy ears makes you a scaredy-cat, opt for a cloche or beanie in a neutral color. Let the style of the hat or headband determine the mood for the rest of your outfit. A lace pair like Nicole Richie’s complements similarly delicate fabrics while Domenica Azczerba’s baseball style cap holds its own with wool blazers and outerwear.

Really want to be as cute as Snoopybabe? Avoid pairing with leopard prints and other kitten-themed accessories. That would just look like something the cat dragged in.