We’ll drink to that! Gorgeous post-party skin!

We don’t know about you — but our #1 beauty resolution? Start the year off with flawless, healthy skin. Of course, that can be a bit difficult with all the cocktails we consumed last night. If you were downing drinks (like us) long after the ball dropped, right about now your skin is probably dull and dehydrated. So what now? How do you get back that 2013 pre-party glow?

For the answers, we turned to Dr. David Colbert, founder of New York Dermatology Group and the go-to-guy for every celebrity with enviable skin (Sienna Miller, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams — just to name a few). Dr. Colbert’s advice is based on drink count and how to tackle the subsequent levels of sugar and toxins depleting the body and dermis. If you’re too hungover for an in-office visit, here are a few of Dr. Colbert’s at-home tips to give skin a boost after boozing. They will ensure you put your best face forward in 2014.

If You Had Less Than Four Drinks


If You Had Five to Eight Drinks


If You Can’t Remember How Much You Drank