Beyond Obsessed: Lingerie

I’ve got a theory: the longer you live in New York City, the more you value comfortable basics. Sure, there are some NYers who don’t prescribe to this – like Anna Wintour and Lauren Santo Domingo – but why should they? If I had a personal driver, my heel game would be on point too. But most of us living and commuting in this concrete jungle find that having an easy-chic uniform is a way to survive the daily fashion grind. For me it’s a pair of black jeans from Rag & Bone, an oversized cashmere sweater, a pair of Adidas — and I’m out the door in a cool 20.

The problem? Things. Get. Boring. Fast.

The best kept secret to mixing it up? Lingerie.

Even though you may be the only one who sees it that day (cheers to you if someone else does), lingerie is a way you can express yourself or who want to be: sexy, cool, girly, bad ass. Not to mention, that it’s kind of a thrill to have a little secret about the scanty things underneath your work clothes.

As much as society would like us to believe that silky sets are for the other people’s pleasure, they are, in actuality, the most gratifying for whoever has them on. It’s the first layer to feeling incredible and an easy way to change up your style.

But just like everything else you wear, it needs to be right for the occasion. Sure, there are daily staples (for me, it’s this classic Chantelle demi), but sometimes you want to feel like you’re ready for those special occasions that might go down (no pun intended). I mean, is there anything hotter then lacy bit under a baseball t-shirt? In my book, not much.