Gia Coppola, We Are Obsessed With Your Style

Gia Coppola, We Are Obsessed With Your Style

Gia Coppola
Director Gia Coppola, actor James Franco and actress Claudia Levy attending the red carpet for the film "Palo Alto" at the 70th Venice Film Festival.

Pictured: Gia Coppola

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She’s a director, a front row staple, she’s effortlessly chic, and her last name is Coppola. Sound familiar? 

Like her aunt, Sofia Coppola, 26-year-old Gia Coppola is making a name for herself in Hollywood and also in the fashion world. Right now, we’re loving her style at the Venice Film Festival. In fact, our beauty & fashion director and I had to duke it out who’d be lucky enough to write this story, so consider this a dual obsession.

At the September 1 premiere of Gia’s film Palo Alto (starring James Franco and based on his book), she made a cool statement in a Saint Laurent suit and tie, pictured above. 

But it’s off the red carpet where her French-girl-who’s-not-really-French style really shines. 

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Gia — who’s the daughter of Jacqui Getty and Francis Ford Coppola’s late son, Gian-Carlo — classifies her style as “very elegant but with an edge.”

And she admits that fussiness and sky-high Nicholas Kirkwoods just aren’t her thing. “Most girls love the highest shoes,” she told Harper’s Bazaar recently. “And I admire those girls, but I can’t do it. If I’m not comfortable, I just look awkward” — a style philosophy that clearly runs in the family. 

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