Let’s Be Honest: Blue Ivy And Her $11,000 Dress Were The Real Winners Of The VMAs

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Beyoncé’s daughter is truly a queen-in-training. Actually, the 2016 MTV VMAs may have proven that Blue Ivy has graduated her princess training program with flying colors. Everyone — and we mean everyone — is talking about Blue Ivy’s white carpet look and general, white carpet poise (she gave all but 0 cares that she was accompanying her mom to such an important event).

Girl, your mom just made history. She broke the record of most wins at the MTV Video Music Awards, and you’re already totally over it. 

Beyonce, Imma let you finish but Blue Ivy had the best VMAs outfit all time. She basically won the VMAs without winning anything, and she has no idea (nor does it seem like she’d care).

First, Blue Ivy wore an $11,000 dress. Eleven thousand dollars. 

She basically looks like an IRL Disney Princess.

Except her expression is that of a future Queen giving no f–ks.

Like absolutely 0. Maybe even negative f–ks.

When Blue is over it, the world basically bows at her feet.

Including Mama Bey, who whisked her away when she’d had enough.

Let’s not forget she’s already been to the VMAs twice. It’s old news.

That pose says, “Whatever, I’m over it.”

Everyone knows she’s basically the uncrowned Queen, even as a four-year-old.

Don’t get it twisted: Beyonce is accompanying Blue Ivy to the VMAs, not the other way around.

Even the Smithsonian recognizes the historical importance of Blue Ivy gracing us with her presence.

Did we mention her sneakers cost more than some people’s rent?

blue ivy 2

So what if she’ll grow out of those $565 sneakers in a couple of months. The Queen gets what the Queen wants.

And that train is longer than what most brides wear to their weddings.

Bey wore $20 million worth of jewelry and Blue got a sparkly diamond tiara. What other four-year-old gets diamonds? 

blue ivy

Basically, watch out Beyonce! You’re about to get de-throned.