OMG: Lisa Frank Just Dropped The Most ’90s-Tastic Clothing Line

lisa frank clothing

If you were school-aged in the ’90s, you’re probably extremely familiar with the rainbow splattered, unicorn-clad trapper keepers, stickers and accessories that were Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank epitomized what it meant to be a school kid in the ’90s. There was something so happy and lovely about tacky, rainbow leopard print and joyful little dolphins and polar bears dancing about. Lisa Frank just made us feel so good, and every time we look at her products, we’re hit with a wave of nostalgia.

If you loved Lisa Frank, you’re going to need to sit down for this news. Lisa Frank is back with a brand new clothing line — and it’s so good.

The Lisa Frank partnered with RageOn! to create a clothing line that is everything our childhood dreams are made from. The collection features crop tops, leggings, tees and sweatshirts all decked out in unicorns, leopard print and of course, tons and tons of rainbows. It basically looks like the ’90s vomited on a t-shirt in the best possible way. 

All the characters we love are here.

lisa frank shirt

Some comfy leggings that basically match everything — let’s be realistic, rainbow is a neutral.


Our hearts could not be more full!

lisa frank

The pieces will cost you a bit more than a $5 folder or pencil set, but it’s totally worth it! Everything is under $60 and let’s be honest, you’d spend a lot more to feel like a ’90s fairy queen.

If you wanna snag some Lisa Frank swag, visit RageOn!

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