6 Clothing Lines That Were Inspired By Your Favorite TV Show

We all know the fashion we see on the small screen can be show-stopping. Years after Sex and the City made aping Carrie and friends fashionable, some small screen designers are making it much easier to get your favorite looks for a lot less.

From new lines based on sudsy dramas Revenge and Pretty Little Liars to looks gone by from Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl, here six fashion lines for the fashionable TV junkie:

1. Pretty Little Liars Fashion
For: Aeropostale
Fashion: The collection takes the distinct looks of all four liars and makes a complete outfit for each girl. Best of all, without names attached it would be totally possible to guess which look represents which character, meaning the line accurately gets the fashion tone of the show. This is obviously thanks to costume designer Mandi Line, who was a big part of bringing the collection to life.
Buy-worthy? Not only do the looks embody the spirit of your favorite Liars characters, but they’re also surprisingly affordable. Now you can dress like Hanna or Spencer without splurging.

2. Revenge-worthy Clothes
For: TBD
Fashion: The line might not be in stores yet, but the announcement came through this summer that a line inspired by the Hamptons set was in the works. The line is said to include some of the body-hugging looks sported by Emily, Victoria, and company.
Buy-worthy? Perhaps the line might be out in time to dress up your revenge-filled trip to the beach.

3. A Gossip Girl Line To Talk About
For: Target
Fashion: This Gossip Girl inspired line was designed by Anna Sui and included looks for characters from Serena and Blair to resident hipster Vanessa. Depending on your personal style, there was probably something for you in the collection.
Buy-worthy: The line came out back in 2009, but if you’re motivated you might be able to find some pieces still floating around the Internet.

4. Mad Men Gets Period Style Right
For: Banana Republic
Fashion: It’s hard to make clothes inspired by a time period, yet modern enough to wear today. That’s the balance the Mad Men collection struck, with classic looks that translate to modern fashionistas.
Buy-worthy: Come on, who doesn’t want to dress like Joan?

5. American Idol Gets Fashionable
For: Kohls
Fashion: They might have taken the “American” part of American Idol a bit too far with this collection. The clothing includes a lot of American flag printed denim and graphic tees.
Buy-worthy? For a fourth of July barbeque? Sure. For anything else, this is probably a pass.

6. Downton Abbey Goes High Fashion
For: Ralph Lauren
Fashion: Inspired by the long silhouettes, beaded dresses, and hunting plaids of the show, this collection is surprisingly wearable for clothes inspired by the early 1920s.
Buy-worthy? The clothes are fabulous and if you can afford Ralph Lauren prices and want to look like Lady Mary, go for it.

What do you think? Is there a TV show fashion line you love? Share in the comments!