TV’s Best Dressed: Joan Watson on ‘Elementary’

TV’s Best Dressed: Joan Watson on ‘Elementary’

Lucy Liu, Elementary
"The Hound of the Cancer Cells” – Watson (Lucy Liu) works with Sherlock Holmes to investigate the murder of an influential cancer researcher, whose latest invention might have changed the face of modern medicine, on ELEMENTARY, Thursday, March 13 (10:01-11:00PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Jeff Neumann/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Who knew that Joan Watson (whose various male counterparts have tended towards the decidedly unfashionable – think oversized waistcoats, and more recently, scratchy woolen jumpers) would become the fashion plate of network TV?

She’s got a casual, everyday look, with a little fashion-forward oomph thrown in (after all, she casually chops onions in snake-patterned Helmut Lang).  She takes risks – yet never seems to falter.  And even in a fairly standard outfit of a coat and jeans, she always adds an element of interest – be it a beret, some trendy specs, or a strategically sheer blouse.

She’s queen of the understated – you’ll generally not see her in any wild colors or silhouettes.  No, she tends more towards simple and professional fare: she has the neutral-toned sheath dress, well-draped blouse, and tailored moto jacket down pat.  You’ll often catch her in a clean-cut coat, opaque black tights and some oh-so-classy booties on the perpetually chilly streets of New York City. On a warmer day, she might don an eye-catching dress, and at home she’s often seen in fashionably oversized cardigans.  But don’t let her staid leanings fool you – she can still pull off more avant garde looks like this safety pin-detailed t-shirt, and this awesome Allsaints dress.  And she can do high fashion, too – in a recent episode, she wore some stunning Carolina Herrera (fun fact: Joan Watson looks almost as good in the brand as Lucy Liu does). 

Whether its superb costuming or Lucy Liu’s magic powers (we suspect it’s a little of both), Joan Watson is the epitome of class. What’s your favorite Joan outfit?  Share in the comments!