Why Emma Stone’s Revlon Ads Work

I have something of a lipstick addiction. As fancy brands will run you up a hefty $25 or so, this addiction is most safely deployed in the beauty aisle at Rite Aid, as opposed to Sephora. Revlon’s my drug of choice, and when I got wind of their new balm stains (which all the beauty blogs seem frankly kind of obsessed with), I had to check them out for myself.

I spent an embarrassingly long time in the aisle, looking up swatches on my phone, and trying to figure out which shades would look best on my skin tone. Completely flummoxed after what was probably about half an hour plus, inspiration struck: Emma Stone’s beautiful ad. The tiny script at the bottom informed me that Ms. Stone was wearing the shade “Whimsical,” so “Whimsical” I bought. Like a darn lemming.

And when I thought about it, this wasn’t the first time I fell prey to one of Emma’s ads: I’d also bought shades “Lovesick,” “Rich Girl Red,” and “Cherry Blossom,” three other lip colors she’d sported for Revlon. And I don’t know what color it is yet, but I’m dying to try the shade she’s wearing in her new commercial (which is disgustingly adorable, by the way). A disturbing trend, no? I’d always thought of myself as relatively unswayed by advertising and marketing, but after purchasing four lip colors that don’t necessarily work with my complexion, it’s time to face the facts: Emma Stone has magical powers.

What is it about Emma Stone? I don’t think any other celebrity endorsement of a beauty brand has prompted more purchases – not Zooey Deschanel, not Taylor Swift, not Olivia Wilde, no not even Sofia Vergara. In fact, the last celebrity spokesperson I reacted this strongly to was Drew Barrymore (I bought more Covergirl eyeshadows and lipsticks than I should care to admit).

Maybe it’s that every-woman quality Emma and Drew have – they’re both beautiful, obviously, but both are known and loved for their laid-back attitudes and respective senses of humor. Is that the secret to beauty endorsement? Deep thoughts, right?

What ads to you respond to the most? Let us know in the comments.