10 Bitchiest One-Liners From This Week’s Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23


This week was all about Chloe’s quips. The B took her bitchiness to a new, horrifying level, and for the most part she was kind of hilarious. Well, there were a few extra nasty digs, but it has to balance out at some point, right? Also, the poor thing is so f***ed up she really just can’t help herself. Also, is it just me or did it look like she got a bizarre botched bang job? Anyway, behold: Chloe’s 10 bitchiest quotes of the week.

10. “Oh, I just realized, I hate you.” The blondes were all wearing matching hot pink shirts, to be fair.

9. “You’ve just been mind-forked.” I think I would like that.

8. “Carmen, for the love of God, can you stop quoting La Bamba?” Actually, yes, quoting La Bamba is not normal.

7. “Later, stupid!” I mean, whatever.

6. “Why are you saying what you’re saying, you’re boring.” Is there anything worse than being called boring?

5. “Stop watching these dating shows and get in the game.” Wait, what dating show?

4. “We’re not here to see around and talk about tampons.” No one, ever, talk about Tampons in public.

3. “Can we punch Luther?” Yes, please someone punch Luther.

2. “This [picnic] sucks.” Picnics don’t suck.

1. “We’re just roommates. We are not friends.” Burn.

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