10 Things You Must Know About The 2012 People’s Choice Awards

peoples choice 2 broke girls win michael patrick kingIt’s awards season, which means there are lots of pretty people walking around with pretty trophies in their hands, but before we can into the more serious awards like the Screen Actors Guild Awards or The Grammys or The Oscars, we get to enjoy a little respite with the lighthearted People’s Choice Awards. Granted, it’s still two hours of celebs handing out awards to each other, so to make things easier for you, we’ve boiled down the ceremony to the top 10 need-to-know items.

Emma Stone is So Adorable It’s Unfair

Every time Emma Stone shows her face on film, we’re all overjoyed and charmed by her presence, so it’s no wonder that she walked away with the Favorite Movie Actress award last night. It’s the way she acted when she accepted the award that is remarkable: the utterly likable and genuine actress was adorably flustered, looking to her mom in the audience to steady herself and finally delivering an old, but very authentic message about being yourself. I may like her more than I like Ryan Gosling. Maybe.

Robert Pattinson, WHERE IS YOUR HAIR?

Okay, there is an explanation for this: apparently the new shaved do can be blamed on Pattinson’s role in Cosmopolis. However, I can’t help but express how much I miss the Pattinson with an actual head of hair. Eat your Wheaties, RPatz; we want to see those luscious locks on your noggin once more, please.

WE GET IT, People Choose The Winners

Throughout the night, our host, Kaley Cuoco, and her assistant host (was that necessary) Su-Chin Pak, made an annoying amount of references to the notion of voting, tweeting, texting, facebooking, etc. We get it, by the power of technology the people choose the winners – we don’t need to include fabricated skits fueled by fake tweets to drive that point home.

The Cast of Bridesmaids Goes All Wilson Phillips on The Audience

Not only did the people wisely choose Bridesmaids over the movie I feared would win (The Hangover 2), but they cheered on the cast as they broke out into the movie’s accidental anthem: “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. Good comedy wins, critics rejoice.

PCA Beats the Golden Globes to The Punch, Gives Morgan Freeman a Icon Award

Take that Cecil B. DeMille Award. Before The Golden Globes could make its way to its Sunday Night timeslot, the people spoke and confirmed that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association clearly got it right. Morgan Freeman was chosen as the first ever People’s Choice Movie Icon, which is great even if his dictionary is under the impression that means he’s a small picture representing a file.

Don’t worry, Michael Patrick King –The 2 Broke Girls Still Love You

After the TCA panel for the hit CBS series got a bit messy, with reporters asking King about the “racist” elements of series and King replying defiantly and indignantly, the showrunner came across in a pretty dismal light. But that same night, 2 Broke Girls won Favorite New Comedy Series like a giant, inflatable middle finger to everyone who questions the elements of prejudice and stereotypes on the series. Plus, stars Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings took aside the last moment of their acceptance speech to specifically send their love to King. We know that was in reference to the beating he took at the TCA event, but we’ll just pretend it was just exuberant praise as a result of the People’s Choice honor.

Write-In Votes Actually Work Sometimes

Nina Dobrev was not nominated for Favorite TV Drama Actress. However, Nina Dobrev won the award for Favorite TV Drama Actress. That’s right, the Vampire Diaries star garnered herself a spot in the running because her loving fans wrote so many letters to the dear people at the People’s Choice awards. But she didn’t just get to go, she actually won. Talk about the power of the people.

Confusing Dresses are Apparently The Next Big Thing

Let’s see. There was Vanessa Hudgens’ chocolate-colored spider-web dress that looked like two dresses got in a fight and then hugged it out; Lea Michele’s dress that was like an elegant silly string explosion; J Law’s (yes, Jennifer Lawrence, I’m giving you a new nickname) sapphire dress with two awkwardly (or opportunely) placed paisley cutouts right; and finally Jennifer Morrison’s 60s dream pulled right out of Holly Golightly’s Manhattan apartment, complete with a million little baubles hanging off the bottom. If these are the dresses of the future, Joan Rivers is going to have a whole lot of new material.

NPH: Man of the People

You can’t stop Neil Patrick Harris from lending his own particular brand of sparkle to an awards show – it’s kind of his thing. First, he very adorably interrupted Kuoco’s monologue – and she seemed to be the only one who (pretended) to mind. Then, there was that moment when he beat out the undefeatable Jim Parsons and Alec Baldwin for a fan-chosen award and when he accepted it, he got a standing ovation from the celebs and the fans. I wonder what it’s like to be loved that universally.

Did I miss anything? Perhaps you thought Sharon Osbourne’s inability to read a teleprompter or Don Cheadle’s Betty White love are more worthy moments. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter! @KelseaStahler