10 TV Shows That Make Us Long For New York City

10 TV Shows That Make Us Long For New York City

There’s just something about the “city that never sleeps”. From Lady Liberty to the Rockefeller Center to Grand Central Terminal, New York City has become an iconic landmark in the world of television. Here are 10 TV shows that always put us in an empire state of mind…

Okay, so we're not sure how this clan could afford their spacious (albeit eccentric) cribs, but Friends captured the perfect city-living experience for a group of pals in early adulthood. From catching a Mets game to chilling at Central Perk--which can really be any cozy, independent coffee shop in the city--we can't help but long for this exact lifestyle.
Sex and the City
We might not have a bank account like Carrie Bradshaw, but we love a world in which a freelance writer makes enough to afford a closet full of Valentino. From lavished galas to trendy art galleries, NYC truly is a magical place for this Upper East Side lady and her crew on Sex and the City. We can't help but dream of walking down the streets of Manhattan pretending to be Sarah Jessica Parker.

Television really doesn't get any more 'New York' than this 90's sitcom. There are plenty of city sights featured in Seinfeld, and it's even spawned a 'walking tour' where tourists can visit the iconic Restaurant, the YCMA where Jerry ran into baseball player, Keith Hernandez and more.

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Though the '90s and early 2000's bore a host of NY-centric television, Girls brings millennials a modern tale. Sure, this show gives us glimpses of glamour, but we specifically love it because it's the raw and gritty version of SATC.
How I Met Your Mother
Whether it's scouring the city for New York's best burger or grabbing a drink at your squad's go-to pub (#MacLaren's), we love How I Met Your Mother for its hilarious scenarios and slap bets, and those memorable characters who manage to navigate life together while living in the Big Apple.
Mad Men
Mad Men paints 1960's NYC just as we'd imagine it; lots of cigar-smoking businessmen strutting up and down Sixth Avenue. Though the show sheds light on the hardships happening during this decade, it also shows off the city's timeless dazzle.
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30 Rock
Set in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, 30 Rock combines the magic of the city with the craziness that comes with creating a sketch-comedy. While most of these plot lines are truly outrageous, we can't help but adore this fun, light-hearted homage to the greatest metropolis in the world.
Will & Grace
This iconic 90's sitcom chronicles two working professionals (who also happen to be besties) braving the big city. Each episode of Will & Grace is filled with NYC references, giving any city-lover all of the 'must-drop-everything-and-move' feels.
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
There's nothing like seeing Time Square for the very first time. When Kimmy is rescued from the underground bunker, she's catapulted into the hustle and bustle of New York City. With the help of MVP Titus Andromedon, she learns to fall in love with NYC...and so do we!
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Master of None
Aziz Ansari's plays a version of himself in this iconic Netflix series as a working actor who is having a bit of troubling adulting in NYC.