13 Of The Best Halloween Costumes of Television Past

Spudnik FriendsSpud-nik

Ross from Friends

Episode: “The One With The Halloween Party”

Why it’s so great: Get it? Sputnik? Spudnik? Potato space station? It’s so perfectly nerdy we could stop here. (But we won’t.)

t pain tom haverford parks and recreationT-Pain

Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation

Episode: “Greg Pikitis”

Why it’s so great: It’s Tom Haverford, the greatest wannabe baller on television dressed as his idol and doing a terrible, but zealous, impression. Perfection.

Donald Glover Sexy Dracula CommunitySexy Dracula

Troy from Community

Episode: “Epidemiology”

Why it’s so great: It’s a toilet seat cover that says “Dracula.” It’s so lazy it comes back around to brilliant. Plus, Donald Glover shirtless is never bad.

Frank N Furter Fez That 70s ShowFrank-N-Furter

Fez from That 70s Show

Episode: “Too Old To Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die”

Why it’s so great: It’s Fez in stockings and a pearl necklace completely misunderstanding the point of his character. Enough said.


Bookface Jim Halpert The OfficeBookface

Jim from The Office

Episode: “The Koi Pond”

Why it’s so great: It’s obstinate and sarcastic, it builds on his original lazy costume (three hole punch Jim), and he’s so lovable he can get away with it.

Mother Teresa Haley Modern FamilyMother Theresa

Haley from Modern Family

Episode: “Halloween”

Why it’s so great: This is what Haley wears when her mother says her other costume is too slutty. This is insulting to the word conservative…and Mother Theresa…and charity — which is also why it’s so hilarious.

Three Stooges Full HouseThe Three Stooges

Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey and Danny from Full House

Episode: “It’s Not My Job”

Why it’s so great: Honestly, it’s just stupidly cute — just like everything else on that show.

Maverick Barney HIMYMMaverick

Barney from How I Met Your Mother

Episode: “Slutty Pumpkin”

Why it’s so great: This is how I imagine Barney sees himself on a daily basis, so of course that who he dresses as for Halloween.

Community Peggy Fleming ChangPeggy Fleming

Chang from Community

Episode: “Epidemiology”

Why it’s so great: Jeff guesses Chang’s costume, “Kristi Yamaguchi?” to which Chang responds, “Peggy Fleming. You’re racist! Just been proven racist by the racist prover.” So Chang. So perfect.

the office steve carrellMichael and His Other Head

Michael Scott from The Office

Episode: “Halloween”

Why it’s great: Michael Scott with an extra paper mache head. Comedy gold.

Four Flashes Big Bang TheoryFour Flashes

Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj from The Big Bang Theory

Episode: “The Middle Earth Paradigm”

Why it’s great: Four nerds arguing over matching super hero costumes, plus Raj’s idea that they could walk in a straight line so they look like the Flash moving really quickly is too solid to ignore.

Charlie Phantom It's Always SunnyPhantom of The Opera

Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Episode: “Who Got Dee Pregnant?”

Why it’s great: “He eats theater people!” “No, he doesn’t.” “I think he might.”

Obama Mask SNLObama Mask

President Obama on SNL

Episode: Season 33, Episode 4

Why it’s great: I think that’s pretty obvious.