14 of the Most Terrifying Mean Older Ladies on Television


janefonda_620_102312.jpgLast week we told you that screen legend Jane Fonda would finally be starring as a series regular on TV in a pilot for ABC called Now What?, a comedy where Fonda plays a mean, overbearing mother whose daughter is forced to move back in with her. Wait, you’ve landed Jane Fonda for the small screen and you’re getting her to play a mean old lady? And let’s not forget the mean old lady she already plays on HBO’s The Newsroom.

That got me to thinking. The “mean old lady” is the newest stock character on so many TV shows (and so many times they’re not even that old). Here’s a rundown of 14 of these women that are currently on television. It’s not really our favorite trope, but it can be used to great effect. It appears there’s something in our culture that wants us to see old women lash out in bitterness or be awful to their children. Maybe Freud was right and we’re all just blaming our mothers for something and taking it out on our TV shows. God, I hope not.

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