The Top TV Twists That Made Us Gasp in 2014

Sometimes our favorite shows bring us close to a heart attack. This year alone we’ve been subjected to so many shocking twists (many involving death or murder) that our heads are still spinning. It wouldn’t be good television if we weren’t gnawing at our fingernails and screaming incoherently at the screen. Beware, sensitive viewers – there are major spoilers below.

1. King Joffrey’s poisoning  on Game of Thrones:


This was a welcome twist, indeed. It’s safe to say we all hated Joffrey, but man, what an unpleasant way to go. GoT always hits us with a shocker when we least expect it. (Still not over the Red Wedding either).

2. Beth dies on The Walking Dead:

This one is still fresh in our minds because it was so utterly senseless! Why, Beth, why?! We were just starting to get to know you and then you made us cry.

3. Frank Underwood pushes Zoe in front of a train on House of Cards:


We knew Frank was coldblooded when he offed Peter Russo in season one, but the murder of Kate Mara’s character just took things to a whole new level of evil. It occurred in the very first episode of season two, no less! We were all, “Wait, what just happened?”

4. Mona is murdered on Pretty Little Liars:

Most of the time, no one ever really dies on PLL. But this time,  PLL shocked us by showing us Mona unquestionably  dead in the trunk of a car. She had just redeemed herself too. Did Ali do it?!

5. Anna gets raped on Downton Abbey:


Poor, sweet Anna. We never thought Downton would go this dark, but it did.

6. There are male clones on Orphan Black:

Sarah and Co. aren’t the only clones out there. In the show’s season two finale, we discovered there are male clones, too. Trouble just doubled. Or is it quadrupled?

7. Will Gardner gets killed off on The Good Wife:

Did anyone see that coming? Apparently not, given the enraged response from fans after Josh Charles’ character met his maker.

8. Daniel Grayson dies saving Emily on Revenge:

Daniel, who once shot Emily in the stomach, redeemed himself by taking a bullet for his former fiancée. We knew someone major was heading for the grave, but we were still pretty bummed to see Emily lose yet another love interest.

9. Brody returns from the dead (sort of) on Homeland:

Oh em gee. We thought we’d seen the last of Damian Lewis, but the writers of Homeland had other ideas. Ok, so he wasn’t really  back from the dead, it was just Carrie’s delusion. But we can’t say we didn’t shriek when it happened.

10. Olivia Pope’s dad has the president’s son killed on Scandal:

We find out Rowan Pope killed Fitz’s son in the season three finale. Killing a kid? Not cool, man. Not cool. This was a pretty horrifying revelation.

11. Jax learns his mother killed his wife on Sons of Anarchy:

The final season of SOA had more twists than a pretzel, but this was a pretty big development. In the show’s penultimate episode, Jax finds out his own mother, Gemma, killed his beloved wife – and then he kills her. Yikes. 

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