’30 Rock’ Last Set Photo Ever: What the What Is Everyone Looking At?

Over the past seven years, we’ve spend a good amount of time on the sixth floor of the GE Building, seated in the TGS with Tracy Jordan writers room, watching the churning out of brilliant concepts like Tyke Myson: Baby Boxer, Wonder Woman Gets Her Period, and oh so many Fart Doctors. As we know, the television program that introduced us to such comedic wonder, 30 Rock, is coming to a close this season.

On Thursday morning, Kevin Brown (who plays the NBC sitcom’s most well-read character, Walter “Dot Com” Slattery) tweeted the below image of the cast and crew banding together for one last set photo, in bittersweet celebration of 30 Rock‘s final wrap on shooting — as confirmed in a tweet by another of the show’s supporting stars, Katrina Bowden (pictured), who posted on Thursday, “Yesterday was our very last day of shooting #30Rock laugher,tears,emotional speeches &a lot of cake. Tonight we celebrate 7 great years :)”

30 Rock

Now, we’re sure that everyone was truly broken up over the conclusion of their long-running, critically acclaimed program. But why, then, can no one seem to focus on the fact that their picture is being taken? If you take a good look at the picture, you’ll see many familiar faces from the TGS writers room — those of Cerie (Bowden), Frank (Judah Friedlander), Twofer (Keith Powell), Lutz (J.D. Lutz), and Sue (Sue Galloway) mesmerized by some bizarre offscreen phenomenon. Oddly, the usually befuddled Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) seems focused, with his reliable entouragee Dot Com following suit. So what exactly might all of these people be so engrossed by?

Here are a few theories…

What is Cerie looking at?

Back from a nine-month voyage with his Somali pirate cronies, Cerie’s socialite husband Aris has started an off-camera brawl with NBC page Kenneth Parcell… a long-gestating rivalry, fueled by an ill-conceived kiss Kenneth gave Cerie back in Season 1 of 30 Rock.

What is Frank looking at?

Having caught a glimpse of the one NBC cleaning lady with whom he has not fostered a romantic fling, Frank has taken to studying her habits diligently in order to win her heart before his days in the GE Building are over for good.

What is Twofer looking at?

Upon hearing someone shout something defamatory about his alma mater (he went to school in Boston… well, not in Boston, but nearby… no, not Tufts), and refuses to take that sort of codswallop lying down.

What is Lutz looking at?

Any semblance of a friend he might make before the final wrap of the show.

What is Sue looking at?

Whatever the English translation of a “fondruke” is.

What isn’t Tracy Jordan looking at?

Captivated for once by the task he’s been asked to undertake (smiling and staring straight ahead, kind of his wheelhouse), Tracy seems to be missing whatever is keeping his colleagues so enrapt. Perhaps he was sedated by a Diet Slice and some pita chips.

What is Dot Com ruminating about?

Having come to terms with his romantic inadequacies and personal insecurities, the sage prophet that is Walter Slattery can now smile big, thinking back upon a life of artistic expression in The Seagull and Angels in America. You’ve done well, Dot Com. You deserve a smile.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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