’30 Rock’ Live Redux: The Live Blog!

30 Rock LiveLive show, it’s a 30 Rock Live show, it’s 30 Rock Live!

Welcome to the 30 Rock Live Show Redux: The Live Blog. As a longtime Liz Lemon aficionado, I’m sitting with a wheel of night cheese and a glass of wine anxious with anticipation as our crew goes all SNL on this show about making a show like SNL. Meta brain overload. 
8:31: Amy Poehler is young Liz and Paul McCartney is allowed to use Jack’s secret bathroom? And it’s only two minutes. Who are they saving for the closing scene? President Obama?
8:33: Jenna’s getting married? Her practiced proposal face looks like she just ate a sea urchin coated in habenero peppers. 
8:34: Kristen Schaal, you’re the VIP of Live shows so far! I don’t think any of these other folks could handle a run that long. Here we come Hollywood, Florida!
8:36: And we’re watching a Honeymooners parody because… Kenneth mentioned it for no reason? It seems like Tina and Co. are taking this opportunity to do whatever the hell they want. Still, Kudos to Fey for finding a place to use her old-fashioned-fancy-lady voice. 
8:40: Poor Cheyenne Jackson, his cameo of a return is outshined by PaulJenna shimself!
8:41: The Joey Montero Show starring Jack as Joey Montero? These writers are hell-bent on making this an episode of SNL for TV historians in 30 Rock dressing. 
8:43: Take that, Roger Sterling! Here’s Don Draper in semi black face and an afro making a pass at Sanford and Son. This is mildly disconcerting, but Tracy’s urge to kill Hamm’s ridiculous character is bringing it around.
8:47: We’ve seen Jon Hamm, Paul McCartney, Cheyenne Jackson and Amy Poehler, where’s Donald Glover as Tracy? We want Glover!
8:50: Here we go, Hamm and Baldwin as old timey journalists. This feels like an old Monty Python episode, but I’m starting to come around.
8:49: Blammo! Of course Kenneth knows Liz’s period cycle. He’s just that good. 
8:52: Finally! Donald Glover’s Tracy impression along with his classic Donald scream. Who knew he’d perfected the Tracy Morgan belly slap!
8:53: 10 points to Jack referring to his eyes as those of an ice dragon.
8:54: Oh hello, Fred Armisen in a wig behind Jimmy Fallon as young Jack Donaghy. NBC probably owes a third of its ad revenue to Armisen’s affinity for dresses. 
8:55: And 15 bags of Sabor de Soledad for Fallon for that fantastic Baldwin/Will Arnett impression.
8:56: What better way to propose to an actress dressed as Prince William in a sketch alongside Tracy dressed as Prince than with Paul dressed as an angel singing “Zou Bisou Zou Bisou”?
8:57: And who better that Kristen Schaal to throw in a random reference to Sinead O’Connor’s Pope-photo-ripping incident, which occurred during her performance on SNL approximately a million years ago?
9:00: Well, wasn’t that adorable? It was a little flimsy and the laughter takes some getting used to, but it was a fun little journey for those of us who live, eat and breathe Lemonisms.