4 Reasons To Have A Mancrush On Raylan Givens

Timothy OlyphantFX

When you see Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) on Justified, you have to admire him. He’s a cool customer who’s always in control, even when bad guys are firing bullets at him. But any lawman can keep his cool under pressure. Raylan has that and a lot more going for him. Guys, there’s no reason not to have a mancrush on Raylan. A look at his best qualities:


Raylan looks like he should be on the cover of GQ. The dude is handsome, but being good looking will only get you so far. He always wears his trademark hat – stylish without being over the top. And he’s always rocking a sport coat, something that will spruce up even a simple T-shirt.


Well, that first point helps explain point two. The ladies love Raylan. His style attracts women like felons to blood money. How many times have hot girls thrown themselves or checked out Raylan? Quite often. Mr. Givens has had his fill of the opposite sex on Justified. But deep down, his true love is his estranged wife.


It must be great knowing you can kick another man’s rear end. Raylan does it all the time. He doesn’t go looking for trouble (usually); trouble always follows him so when it’s time to squabble, Raylan always comes out on top. He’s deadly accurate with a gun and smart enough to make the right move in difficult situations.

Thrill Junkie

Yeah, remember when we said Raylan doesn’t go looking for trouble? He does that sometimes. It’s as if he’s a magnet for shootouts, car chases, abductions, fist fights and anything else that gets you all riled up. Admit it, what Raylan does on Justified is a hell of a lot more interesting than your 9-to-5 job. Unless you do what Raylan does. In that case, be safe.