TV Pets We’d Adopt if We Had the Chance

From Lassie to Gentle Ben, there have always been animals on television that we wish could be our pets. (Maybe a pet bear would be dangerous, but it would also be awesome.) However, everyone knows about those iconic animals. Now it’s time to usher in a new generation of animal television stars. These are the four TV pets on currently airing shows that we wish we could adopt. 

Modern Family, Stella and GloriaABC via Getty

Stella from Modern Family

Though she’s adorable, Jay and Gloria’s dog Stella isn’t the most well trained canine. But that wouldn’t mean we’d love her any less. If Gloria can love Stella, then so can we.

Clyde from Elementary

Whether acting as a paperweight or playing an ambulance in a demonstration for Sherlock, Clyde is one well-mannered tortoise. Though he’s only appeared in three episodes, The A.V. Club keeps a Clyde Watch because fans eagerly await the tortoise’s reappearance.

Ferguson from New Girl

Winston steals Ferguson from his ex, Daisy, when she breaks up with him and, to be honest, we can’t say we blame him. This adorable smush-faced cat is too cute to pass up. Instead of Coach moving in, the gang in the loft should have given that extra room to Ferguson.

Ghost from Game of Thrones

Anyone who knows what a direwolf is and says they don’t want one is a liar. Direwolves like Ghost are companions for life, they’re huge, and they can fight with you in battle. Who wouldn’t want a giant wolf-dog as their best friend? (No one, that’s who.)