41 Questions About the ‘Homeland’ Season Two Trailer

30652101.jpgHomeland is one of the twistiest, turniest shows on all of television. I’m still not entirely sure who is a good guy, who is a bad guy, and what Claire Danes is going to remember after her character had electro shock therapy at the end of Season 1.

Well, get ready for Season 2! Showtime released a trailer today (don’t freak out, it’s just below) and already we have absolutely no idea what is going on. In fact we have at least 40 questions from the 95-second teaser. Man, how are we going to wait to get all those questions (which are below the trailer) answered? Oh, until September 30. One answer down, 41 to go! 

–What is wrong with Damian Lewis‘ eyes?

–Ew, why is that lady putting in a bloody contact lens?

–Who is that skinny guy?

–What happened to Carrie’s color coding?

–Do you like Claire Danes as a redhead? I don’t think I do.

–Is this a kids choir singing Every Breath You Take?

–Was this trailer made by the same guy who did The Social Network?

–Where is Claire Danes going?

–Do you like fedoras?

–Do you like fedoras on Mandy Patinkin?

–Is this what Stephen Sondheim was talking about when he made Mandy sing “Making a Hat”?

–Why is that traitor in the CIA building?

–Is she biting her nails? Gross.

–Do you like Claire Danes in a hijab?

–Is she just wearing that to cover up her bad dye job?

–Why is Claire Danes’ boss so sad?

–He spends more time kissing his towel than he does kissing his wife, right?

–Is Claire Danes gonna jump?

–Who has a microchip and who is he giving it to?

–How come people lying in dark rooms always have the one patch of light right over their eyes?

–Who is that guy with the bad facial hair and why is he staring at the terrorists?

–Why does Claire Danes always look so troubled?

–And where is she running?

–Why is she always running?

–Oh, who is that hot guy with the gun?

–Why is he in the jungle?

–Why is Claire Danes crying?

–Why is Claire Danes always crying?

–Can she do anything other than cry, run, and look worried?

–Why is he so bloody?

–Is he washing blood off himself with gasoline?

–Is this a Zoolander spoof?

–Which pills make Claire Danes larger and which pills make her small?

–God, is she still crying?

–Why is his daughter so emo all the time?

–Why is Mandy Patinkin so sad that he has a walkie talkie?

–Did the batteries die or something?

–Why is Claire Danes going to visit Damian Lewis?

–Why is she smiling?

–When did Claire Danes stop crying and start smiling?

–Could we be more excited to see the next season of this show?

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[Photo Credit: Showtime]


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