5 Most Shocking Surprises of the ‘Sherlock’ Finale


If “The Reichenbach Fall” wasn’t surprising enough for fans of Sherlock, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss certainly outdid themselves in terms of shock value for “His Last Vow.” This season has been a series of twists and turns just like any other, but the finale episode jam-packed the whole two hours with bigger and bigger reveals. Though the writers didn’t kill off new character Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington) as many fans suspected and feared, they did provide some surprises that we didn’t see coming: especially pertaining to the new villain, Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen). These are the revelations that had us gasping and shouting, “No way!” 

Sherlock’s Girlfriend

Yes, you read that right. For those who didn’t see the finale, what are you doing, there are spoilers here! And for those that did, we wouldn’t blame you if you still don’t believe Sherlock actually had a girlfriend. (Even if it was only to use her access to get close to Magnussen.)

Sherlock Beating Magnussen

Though we didn’t think Sherlock would take Magnussen flicking John’s face sitting down, we never expected Sherlock to resort to killing Magnussen. But he did. 

Magnussen’s Disrespect

Even more than the reveal that Magnussen’s archive of material used to blackmail everyone was all in his head (which was fairly stupid, especially for a businessman) was his total lack of respect for Sherlock. Even Moriarty never used Sherlock’s fireplace as a toilet. It just proves how horrible Magnussen is — or, was.

Mary Isn’t Mary

This is one of those surprises where you think you really should have seen it coming, but the fans had no idea — and neither did Sherlock. Although “liar” popped up in his initial deduction of her, he was just as shocked as the audience when he found her pointing a gun at Magnussen’s head.

Moriarty Lives

Whether your screams were in delight or utter terror, chances are the final shocker of “His Last Vow” caused you to stop breathing for at least a moment. It’s certainly going to make for an interesting fourth season, which we better get in December, as The Sun reported. We can’t take another two-year waiting period.