5 Reasons Seth Meyers Could Be Better Than Regis Philbin

Seth MeyersEveryone wants the cushy gig of co-hosting Live! with Kelly Ripa (call us, Gelman!). And now that Regis Philbin‘s seat has been empty (or at least filled with guest hosts) for nearly nine months, the frontrunners are starting to get whittled down. 

This week, Saturday Night Live star and head writer Seth Meyers rose to the top of the speculation heap. 
Meyers is the main frontrunner, according to entertainment site Showbiz 411, which adds that former Giants player Michael Strahan and singer Josh Groban are runners-up.
A few years ago, he might not have been ready for the massive responsibility. In fact, in 2008, he told Hollywood.com he’d be nervous about doing a show every weekday. 
“The idea of doing a show five nights a week is terrifying and daunting…I’m thrilled to do a show once a week for right now,” he told us. “You walk before you run.”
But now, four years and many SNL episodes later, he has a lot more experience and maturity under his belt.  
So what exactly makes the 38-year-old comedian uniquely qualified for the job? Let us count the ways. 
1. He’s not afraid to let his co-star take center stage. 

2. He has great chemistry with Kelly and isn’t afraid to call another guy sexy. 

3. The President owes him one. 

4. He can hilariously skewer news of the day on a live show without seeming mean-spirited. 

5. He can hold his own against other funnypeople (Colbert!).