5 TV Spinoffs That Would Be Better Than Dwight Schrute’s

Dwight Schrute Beet Farm Ice Sculpture The Office SpinoffWe just reported that The Office’s Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) would be starring in a spinoff of the beloved (and somewhat over-the-hill) NBC series, but that notion has many of us screaming, “For the love of beets, NO!” There’s a special place in many a TV fan’s heart for Dwight, but he’s a fairly reactionary character. His greatness comes from his interactions with Jim and, until recently, Michael, as well as the his other Dunder Mifflin Scranton cohorts. Dwight without the office just isn’t Dwight and as much as the idea of seeing more Mose Schrute on a regular basis promises a few giggles, there are about a million other TV characters we’d prefer to see lead their own spinoff.* These are just our top 5.

*Our endorsement by no means predicts that these characters would be anymore successful – just more fun. The Frasiers (spinoff of Cheers) of this world are few and far between.

Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

To be fair, the gruff, anti-goverment government worker Ron is also a fairly reactionary character over on Parks and Recreation, but hold all judgement until you hear my idea, please. Ol’ Ron-donald Swanson should host a cooking show, sponsored – of course – by Food and Stuff. Heck, he could even have his new buddy, Chris Traeger, on from time to time to compete for the best way to make tater tots or hot dogs. Chris would attempt to put a healthy, delicious spin on the staples with tofu dogs or dehydrated potato sticks and Ron would throw a cold hot dog on a plate with a dab of ketchup or a pile of Ore-ida tater tots straight from a boiling vat of oil and triumph while his meat and potatoes cuisine proves to be a thousand times more delicious than Chris’ Whole Foods delights. Plus, Ron could have a very special episode in which he catalogs the best kinds of foods to wrap in bacon. (Hot dogs would be high up on that list.)

Blaine Anderson (Glee)

Recent episodes of Glee have made me sad for Darren Criss, who only got to join the musical show once it started going down hill. He’s infinitely talented, charming and adorable, yet he’s relegated to showing off his bowtie once a week until he gets a song in here or there. I, for one, want more Blaine and if he has to go off and host his own variety show, then so be it. Isn’t it the trend for what’s old to become new? By the property of transference of unsubstantiated claims, a variety show a la Sonny and Cher, starring Criss or his television alter ego with occasional appearances from his Glee cohorts would be pretty great, right?

Glee – Full Misery Performance from Yana on Vimeo.

Vinny and Pauly D (Jersey Shore)

This one makes me sad because Vinny just said arrivederci to the Jersey Shore and now the episodes are missing that signature brand of Vincenzo snark that made the other idiots’ antics bearable. And it seems that Pauly D is feeling our pain if his constant lamenting that he misses his buddy is any indication. So, why don’t we ditch the two drunk elves, ego-maniac, psycho couple and J-Woww and send Vinny and Pauly D off to do what they do best: try to get girls while making fun of everyone around them in surprisingly observant ways. You have to admit, it sure would beat the drivel that’s attempting to parade around as an MTV show right now.

Troy and Abed (Community)

If we end up having to say farewell to our beloved Community (but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that), a great consolation prize would be at least keeping the power duo of Troy and Abed together in some capacity. I’d even settle for a web-series in which Troy and Abed host a news show with op-ed segments like “Why Isn’t There An Animal Hospital Run By Animals?” or tutorials like “How to Organize Your Schedule So You Can Fit In Enough Time to Watch the 25 Hours of Special Features on Your Extra-Special Edition of The Dark Knight.” They’re just too good together; we can’t let magical, hilarious chemistry like this go to waste.

The Ocelot (Archer)

This option is mainly just proof that a Dwight spinoff would be worse than an entire half-hour sitcom about a tiny wild cat who can’t even speak and is constantly trying to escape the well-intentioned, but stupid child-like cuddles from Sterling Archer by clawing the hapless spy mercilessly. (Plus, it’s not that far off, since apparently the Honey Badger will soon get its own TV series.)

Who else would be better for a spinoff? Let me know in the comments or get at me on Twitter. @KelseaStahler