7 Super Bowl Commercials That Will Make You Bawl


If you have a soul, you have cried during a Super Bowl. Maybe not because of a bad play or a game’s outcome, but definitely as a result of a commercial or two (or if you’re anything like me, 10).

You know it’s coming, and it’s going to hit hard. So you find a corner, a bar napkin, and a glass of water, and try not to be too obvious when tears and snot make their annual public debut.

The latest offender is Budweiser, who continues right on the heartstrings bandwagon with their new commercial, “The Clydesdales: Brotherhood.” The ad is essentially about a baby horse and his trainer who become best friends, the way a man and his dog horse do. The two are separated when the horse begins competing, but are reunited three years later.

And if that’s not enough to get you blubbering, just raise the volume and let the sound of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” fill your empty heart until you’ve literally died of manipulated emotion.

Embarrassingly touching, right? If you feel duped, it’s not the first time. Remember when Google totally f***ed up your night by playing “Parisian Love” in the third quarter of Super Bowl LXIV — the tale of an American finding love while studying abroad in Paris? It was unrealistic and brilliant.

We should probably also talk about the time the yellow robot had a dream he got fired from his job at General Motors and had to work the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant.

Or when we realized Matthew Broderick is old now.

This Monster.com commercial where kids share their “joke” aspirations was funny when it ran in 1999, but is now just utterly depressing in 2013.

When Pepsi mashed veteran reunion clips, road trips, vintage concert scenes and Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” into a one-minute ad, it hurt. It hurt hearts.

And of course, bringing us full circle, Budweiser’s 9/11 tribute, which only aired once during the 2002 Super Bowl.

[Photo Credit: Budweiser]

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