‘90210’s’ Trevor Donovan Won’t Return for Season Four

Trevor DonovanSad news, fans of 90210’s Teddy: Trevor Donovan will not be returning next season. The formerly-closeted character played a big role this season, highlighting the difficulty of coming out in high school on the CW drama, but all is not lost. Teddy won’t be gone completely. Donovan is done as a series regular, but from time to time, he’ll make guest appearances on the teen soap — approximately five times, to be specific.

It’s tough to hear, I know, but it makes sense for the show, really. They just went through graduation, and like any high school commencement, some of your favorite folks go on to other futures in other locations. You miss them, look forward to their visits, but ultimately learn to live without them on a daily basis. You’ve all done this and survived, so just think of in those terms.

Of course, now the question is, with the Beverly Hills kids moving onto college, what sort of new characters might we have in store for our viewing pleasure?

Source: TVLine