A&E Developing ‘Psycho’ Prequel Series ‘Bates Motel’

5346887.jpgHollywood’s prequel obsession has made its way to television, where a couple of classic films, Goodfellas and Silence of the Lambs, will soon see their backstories dramatized, courtesy of basic cable. Add to that tally Alfred Hitchcock‘s Psycho. A&E announced this week at the TCAs that it is developing a new series, dubbed Bates Motel, which, according to the Hollywood Reporter, will “offer an understanding into how Norman Bates’ psyche developed and would tell the back story of the film’s killer, learning of how his mother, Norma, and her lover damaged him, transforming him into serial-killing motel owner.” THR cautions that the proposed series is still very much in the early stages, meaning that there’s still potential for it to be derailed by some heroic, cinema-loving saboteurs. Anyone want to volunteer?

Source: THR via Slashfilm