A ‘Modern Family’ Portrait Rings In Season 3 Premiere

Modern Family, you’re too appealing. You’re smart, but not too nerdy for mass audiences—and approachable, but not at all too broad. You’re not mean-spirited, you don’t take cheap shots, you’re creative, you’re well-cast. I’m almost uncomfortable with how good you are. And naturally, I’m excited for your upcoming third season, which premieres with a one-hour episode on September 21. News with the family: Mitchell and Cameron are considering another baby, while Gloria’s ex will make an unwelcome return. But no matter what else happens this season (Manny finally getting a girlfriend, Haley eloping with Dylan, DeDe returning with a new husband), we can be sure of one thing: that step will never get fixed. In the meantime, here’s the brand new promo art for Season Three to keep us entertained until late the show’s late September return.


Source: EW