Aaron Sorkin Mad (As Hell) Libs!

In just one season of HBO’s divisive drama The Newsroom, which had its finale last night, the series managed to hit on all the trademarks of an Aaron Sorkin drama: a holier-than-thou leading man, his fast-talking cohorts, and quick-witted self-indulgent banter galore! While Season 2 of The Newsroom is on the horizon, we here at Hollywood.com found a fun way for you to play along with all of the Oscar-winner’s “Sorkinisms” whether you’re waiting for another season of Jeff Daniels shouting, finally watching those The West Wing DVDs, or catching the 753rd airing of The Social Network on cable.

Sure, this Aaron Sorkin fill in the blanks game is technically on the Internet (nooooo) but don’t worry — you can still print it out and play along like you did when this country was great. Enjoy!