Aaron Sorkin Possibly Adds Oliva Munn & Alison Pill To HBO Show

Alison PillMy love-fest for this show has been well documented and oddly it doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon. Whoever is casting this new Aaron Sorkin show just keeps on courting fantastic female talent. As we know, Jeff Daniels is playing a cable news host and Marisa Tomei is in talks to play his executive producer (also in talks for the role? Emily Mortimer. Please don’t make me choose between the two. I don’t think I could). Now we’ve learned that Olivia Munn is in talks to play a financial analyst on the same network and Alison Pill is negotiating to play an associate producer on the program.

I already want to take this show out to dinner and let it meet my parents and get it pregnant behind the middle school.

Possibly titled More As This Story Develops, the pilot will be directed by Greg Mottola and yeah, these new additions are stellar. Now, there seems to be an extreme internet love/hate relationship with Munn. Some nerds go crazy for her while others think she panders too much and isn’t that pretty. Me? I fall in the middle. She’s definitely attractive and you can’t be on The Daily Show and not be somewhat funny. Besides, if they are going to portray cable news realistically they need someone hot that can handle the banter. I think Munn’s perfect. As for Alison Pill? She’s engaged to Jay Baruchel so she can’t be that bad. She also stole every scene in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and if that doesn’t convince you enough then we have nothing left to say except, “We duel at dawn. Pistols, knives, fists. That order.”

Source: Deadline