ABC Cancels ‘Happy Endings’ and Breaks Our Hearts

Happy Endings

Please excuse us if this article is filled with typos. We’ve just found out that ABC has canceled our beloved comedy Happy Endings and we’re realizing that it’s very difficult to type when you’re hysterically crying and cradling a bottle of wine.

Happy Endings — a.k.a. the best show on TV that apparently none of you were watching — managed to hang on for three seasons despite the fact that ABC never fully embraced the wonderfully quirky characters the show possessed. However, we’re currently putting all of our good vibes into one glorious thought: There’s still hope!

Last month, rumors swirled throughout the interwebs that USA Network is looking to pick up the comedy should ABC fail to renew it. So now we’re currently wishing upon a star, crossing our fingers and picking up as many pennies as we can find so that Happy Endings will get another chance.

In other not so heart-breaking news: ABC also cancelled Family Tools,How to Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life)Body of Proof, Red Widow, and Reba McEntire’s train wreck of a comedy, Malibu Country — but we all knew that these cancellations were only just a matter of time.

Anyways as you can clearly see we’re ridiculously bummed, so we’re going to re-watch this video of Happy Endings best abrevs and then drink ourselves to sleep.

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