ABC Orders Pilots from ‘Housewives’ and ‘Lost’ Producers

Marc Cherry Desperate HousewivesABC’s execs are busy picking up more pilots today and it looks like their going back to the well, picking up ideas from producers who’ve led them to success in the past. Desperate Housewives producer and scribe Mark Cherry just saw his new pilot Hallelujah get picked up and Lost producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are enjoying the fruits of their labor thanks to Once Upon A Time. Also on ABC’s slate are Identity,The River, Revenge and Good Christian Bitches.

First up is Hallelujah, which looks like a small town version of Cherry’s housewife hit. It takes place in a little town called Hallelujah, Tenn. that’s being torn apart, but luck is on their side when a stranger appears with ideals of justice and peace. Cherry sent the script over the weekend and ABC execs were quick to give it the go-ahead; much like his work on Housewives, Cherry will be producing and writing for the new show.

Once Upon a Time is also a small town drama, centering on a woman who moves to Maine to escape a checkered past only to find that her new home is a place where fairy tale magic actually exists. Horowitz and Kitsis signed on as creators and executive producers fresh off their success with TRON: Legacy, though we should probably keep our fingers crossed that the writing will be better than the nostalgic sequel’s.

Also on the docket are a show about an Identity Theft unit called Identity (wow, creative title), a horror drama called The River, a show after The Count Of Monte-Cristo’s own heart called Revenge, and Darren Star’s new project Good Christian Bitches (let’s see if that one gets a title change before it hits the boob tube).

Source: Deadline