ABC’s ‘Apartment 23′ Brings The Bitchy Back

Apartment 23 James Van Der Beek ABCAfter its foray into PG-er territories, ABC is bringing the bitch back. Well, they’re implying that they’re bringing the bitch back — those strategic dashes could stand for anything. Don’t Trust the Bison in Apartment 23; though I’m not sure how that one would work. Don’t Trust the Baker in Apartment 23? You know, like a zany Sweeney-Todd-meat-pie sort of sitcom. Duh. Or maybe Don’t Trust the Bears in Apartment 23: a modern twist on the Goldilocks tale wherein the bears are running some sort of Ponzi scheme. Fairy tales and finance are en vogue now, right?

Well, based on past information, I think we can sufficiently surmise that Don’t Trust the B—– in Apartment 23 (formerly Apartment 23, and more formerly Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apartment 23) is a city-living sitcom and it’s bringing that lovely little curse word back to its title, a la CBS’ $#*! My Dad Says.

The Disney-owned network surprisingly toyed with not one, but two series titles that include the B-word. GCB (which you may know as Good Christian Bitches, or more briefly as the much less interesting Good Christian Belles) also eschewed using the actual word and instead opted to simply imply it which is actually pretty obnoxious if you ask me. ABC won’t use the word “bitch” but they will elude to it in a way that forces us to fill in the blank. Their reputation remains squeaky clean, and we the audience, are the ones with the potty mouths. Thanks, ABC.

Don’t Trust the B—– In Apartment 23 is expected to debut sometime this season, and we care about this because James Van Der Beek will star in it as a douchier, funnier version of himself (stars Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter are alright too). I guess we can put up with the PC title for that.

Source: EW

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