ABC Upfronts: ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ ‘Pan Am’ and a Few Others

Pan Am AbcAnd the network parade continues with ABC’s latest offerings. We haven’t got full-length trailers for their new material for 2011/2012, but we have got a few clips and boy, do they run the gamut. Unfortunately, many of them run on the weak side, but there are a few gems. As we’ve done with Fox and NBC, here’s video evidence with a little context and a few thoughts on each new prospect.

Pan Am

Starring: Christina Ricci, Kelli Garner

Basics: Another 1960s throwback is upon us. Enter the sexy, scandalous, cutthroat world of a top 60s airline.

Potential: Alright

Why: It’s tough with so many 60s shows hitting television, and while this certainly looks sexy and a little more serious than NBC’s 60s romp, The Playboy Club, it seems to fall in middle ground between Mad Men and the salacious soap. Unless audiences are more into that era than we think, it’s likely that one of the major networks’ period pieces is going to falter.