Abdul: “No One Could Ever Replace Me on ‘Idol'”

Paula Abdul has hit back at rumors that she will be ousted from American Idol to make way for new judge Kara DioGuardi — insisting she is staying on the show.

The singer/dancer has become a regular fixture on the TV contest’s judging panel alongside Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson since its debut in 2002.

Earlier this year, the program’s setup was thrown into disarray earlier after Abdul made seemingly negative comments about Idol’s new addition DioGuardi, telling reporters a four-judge panel didn’t work.

Songwriter DioGuardi hit back at Abdul’s comments, stating she was “hurt and disappointed” by the words.

But despite the drama, Abdul insists she is happy with her position on the show and is adamant that DioGuardi — or anyone else — could never take her place on the series.

In an interview with TV show Nightline, set to air on Thursday, Abdul says, “I don’t think anyone (can replace me).

“First of all, Kara says, ‘I could never replace you.’ And I said whenever there is change it’s not about replacing anybody, it’s about possibly moving on.”

And Abdul, whose three-year contract is up for renewal, insists she has no plans to quit Idol — because it took her years to feel “comfortable” on the series.

She adds, “I love the show, I do. I love what I do on the show. …It’s taken me a while to get comfortable in my own skin with the show.”

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